Sunday, October 30, 2011

Saturday Vintage Fair

A friend and I went to the Little Vintage Lover Fair yesterday at Dragon Hall, a medieval merchant's hall.  There were two floors of vendors selling clothes, jewelry, hats, bags, and my favorite, mismatched vintage tea things.  You could even take a break from shopping to have tea from one of many mismatched tea cups while browsing through vintage fashion magazines. 

The hall itself was fascinating, it was restored in 2006 but maintains the old stone and lovely archways that I like as well as a garden with benches to sit and look back at the hall to see its waving roof that has settled over time.  Something I have admired in some of the restored buildings in Norwich is how they have modern additions that are mainly glass so as to not obscure the historical feel of the building.
Looking back at the hall from the garden showing the glass enclosure and sagging roof.

Entrance to Dragon Hall

Inside the fair.  The lady in the checkered suit tried on about a hundred hats.

While I was tempted by the bags and tea things, I resisted and settled on a pair of framed silhouettes showing a lady and gentleman in 1810's dress.

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